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Hi! I'm,
Shreya Srinivasan

With a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication, Diploma in Drama followed

by a Masters in Advertising from Savannah College of Art & Design
(SCAD) in Atlanta, I paved my way and found my true passion for Art Direction. Currently working as a Sr. Art Director at Havas Life New York, 

my work lets me explore and create designs for Pfizer-BioNTech.


From my experiences of creating content for commercials, digital ads and cranking out the creatives for social media presence, I have the knack to look out for a well-crafted idea and certainly don’t hesitate to get inspired and moodboard it!


Let me also tell you that I’m a passionate swimmer, avid traveler,

Formula 1 enthusiast, and take my essential oils extremely seriously.


I’m always looking to create enriching and mind-boggling content. Only an email away, you can contact me at

or hit the contact me button below. Thanks for stopping by!



I was featured in Voyage ATL as part of their inspiring stories series, Atlanta. 

Hover over to learn about few of my favorite things


Doors around
he world


Cookies the size of
my face


The magic of nature


Breakfast anytime
of the day


Colors of the sky

Contact me to check out some creations I had a blast jamming on, with my mentors at SCAD

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